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Transmission Repair Las Vegas

Transmission Repair Las Vegas At AAMCO of Las Vegas, we believe that an effective transmission repair begins with tracing a problem to its source. That's why all of our transmission repairs and services begin with our exclusive transmission scan service. We'll test drive your vehicle, perform a thorough check of all of its components, and hook it up to a computer scanner to trace any electrical problems.

Once we pinpoint the source of your transmission problem, you can always count on us to provide efficient and honest repairs. We'll walk you through your options before performing any transmission repair or rebuild. The parts we use will be brand new; you won't have to worry about cheap parts from some junkyard unit.

Diagnostic Service
If possible, we will begin your diagnostic service by performing a test drive of your vehicle. During this drive, we'll try to experience for ourselves any problems you have reported. We'll pay special attention to a range of factors, including initial engagements, drive ranges, shift timing and quality, passing gear performance, TCC engagement, 4x4 performance, and park-hold. We'll also listen for any strange noises and watch out for vibrations.
In addition to your test drive, we will check and replace all engine fluids, including transmission fluid, differential fluid, and transfer case fluid. We'll then place your vehicle on a lift, checking and repairing the following components:

  • Shift linkages and cables
  • Vacuum connections
  • Harness and ground connections
  • Mounts
  • Axles and shafts
  • U-joints and CV joints
  • Pan gaskets
  • Wires

Your expert technician will also thoroughly test a variety of engine performance factors, such as idling and fluid retention. Through this external check, we'll often pinpoint the source of your transmission problem. If we can't identify the problem at this point, we won't stop until we do. Our policy is to never perform a transmission repair until we know the exact source of a vehicle's issue.

Electronic Scan
At AAMCO of Las Vegas, our electronic scan service puts us above and beyond the competition. We have all the tools needed to diagnose electronic failure in today's computer-controlled vehicles. If your transmission is receiving the wrong signals from your vehicle's computer system, we will track the problem down and perform any necessary repairs.
Here's how the process works:

  • We begin by using a computer system scanner to find any trouble codes and determine the probable cause. We will scan all critical computer systems in your vehicle for these codes.
  • Your technician will then review your vehicle's electronic data against our exclusive AAMCO technical database. This database utilizes data from hundreds of vehicles at AAMCO car centers throughout the country
  • Finally, we'll connect your vehicle to our AAMCO Kwiktest™ PlusBox to determine whether the electronic problem is located inside or outside of your vehicle's transmission.

Beyond performing a complete computer scan of your vehicle, your technician will also physically scan important electronic components such as solenoids, sensors, and wiring—providing replacements as needed.

Nearly Five Decades of Service
For nearly 50 years, AAMCO has provided skilled transmission repairs to drivers from throughout the country. Your AAMCO car care center may use different tools today to fix your vehicle's transmission, but our base commitment to quality and precision has never wavered.
To provide even more assurance that your vehicle will be handled with the utmost care, we cover all of our work with full warranties. Lifetime warranties are also available. Our unparalleled diagnostics and repairs combined with our ironclad warranties are why AAMCO has been one of the country's most trusted names in auto care for nearly five decades.

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